Fang Kenshi (Fang Kenshi) wrote in rp_wannabe,
Fang Kenshi
Fang Kenshi

Planet Kyren

[b] The planet of Kyren. A planet that is four times bigger then the mass of Earth, and is full of jungles and mountains, with oceans at every angle with wild animals bigger then that of Earths animals may attack those who threaten. This is Kyren, the tavern, set in the heart of the jungle is where those find some type of peace. It will take sometime for the new to find the Tavern. If you find the tavern, there is a stairwell that will lead to the Underground City of Prime, a city where most who made to Kyren, live in peace, but crime is abit high, the Prime Police Department deals with the petty crooks while, the ESS (Elite Shadows Society) deals with the Code-O(Overpowered Enemy) Join today, and please be sure to ask any questions you may have. [/b]

Room link here:

OoC Room here for questions:

Info on the City of Prime here:
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